Favorite Part: Everything was visualized, from simple sketches in meetings, to mock-ups for client summits, on ubiquitous slips of paper or white boards.

Biggest Lesson Learned: Tailor your visual style to your audience the same way you tailor your written style; less produced documents signal that it’s a work in process and welcome feedback.

Unexpected Adventure: Learned a great deal about typography and graphic design and hand kerned a few headlines along the way.

Spending a summer with SYPartners showed me what comprehensive branding, transformational thinking, and culture change look like through a designer’s lens. SYPartners’ mission, which is engraved on the glass at the front of their NY office, reads, “In a world that too often settles for less, we believe it is worthy work to envision, believe in, and fight for greatness. That’s the work we do alongside our clients, every day.”

As a Strategy Intern, I was quickly immersed in SYP’s interdisciplinary approach to creating thought-provoking, masterfully designed activities, experiences, and environments for clients. These deliverables were not dry consulting decks but mutual explorations that treated change as the complex transformation that it is, not the first step in a suspiciously linear graph toward higher profits.

I specialized in integrating contemporary research and backing up our creative prompts with the opinions of subject matter experts. Serving as the bridge between what has been proven—the research—and what can yet be achieved—the inspiration—was a valuable experience for me, having just completed my first year at the research-grounded Johnson School.

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