Johnson Board Fellows

Favorite Part: Collecting stories of grantee’s success and the impact the Community Foundation’s resources have had on their organization.

Biggest Lesson Learned: A simple $1,000 grant can have a huge impact on a community. You lose sight of how far a dollar can go when you’re used to the language of business school, where every balance sheet is assumed to be in millions.

The Johnson Board Fellows program allows MBAs to serve as non-voting members of local, non-profit Boards of Directors. As a Fellow, I discussed strategic issues at board meetings, contributed to the Community Impact committee, and completed a consulting project with my co-Fellow at the Community Foundation.

For our project, we planned a new event for Community Foundation stakeholders, that provides a quantitative look at past, present, and future philanthropy in Tompkins County. We drew on the Community Foundation’s historical data to identify possible drivers of local philanthropy and explore forward indicators. This project was another great lesson in synthesis and applying economics and statistics to difficult to quantify variables like community impact and philanthropic intent.

Click here to download a PDF of the presentation.

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