Picture of Rachel wearing light blue collared shirt

I always have, and always will, call myself a dancer. Whatever my canvas, I bring a dancer’s knack for creating newness from limited resources, and inexhaustible enthusiasm for practice.

I began as a ballet dancer, spending much of my childhood in a classical ballet conservatory that taught the strict Vaganova method. I spent my winters in tulle and satin for the Nutcracker, and my summers studying at other ballet conservatories across the East Coast.

As my studies progressed and I explored other dance forms, I was excited by the creative flexibility of Modern Dance. After graduating high school, I joined the University of Utah Department of Modern Dance. Immersing myself in a new discipline, I found that my love of movement was strong, but my love of performance culture was fading. I believe that the joy of dance comes from feeling it, doing it, not watching it.

As an artist, I changed my focus from my medium to my mission. I moved beyond dance, into clothing, footwear, and business to share new experiences with others. I began designing, building, and sharing my products and was floored by my consumers’ enthusiasm and willingness to explore.

I wanted to grow beyond my intuitive understanding of business so I chose to pursue an MBA at Cornell University. I merged my business instincts with a solid foundation in theory and applied both as Director of Business Development for the student-run consulting firm BRConsulting and as a Strategy Intern at SYPartners, a brand and culture consulting company.

After business school, I Kickstarted an adventure-in-a-box jigsaw puzzle company and joined Cornell’s Executive Education team as a Design Thinking coach.

Now I’m onto even bigger and brighter things, always looking for new opportunities to grow and explore.

Reach me at rachel@rachelhappen.com.