I began my professional career marching away from Modern Dance toward the independent promise of Entrepreneurship. Along the way I discovered that there were many untraveled paths between creative exploration and business structure. I am most at home in this middle ground, where crazy ideas lead to practical innovation and diverse perspectives amplify the best solution. I see strategy as the glue between ideas and actions, and I love building the bridges that take ideas from post-its to mission statements.

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Baffledazzle — Adventure-in-a-Box Jigsaw Puzzles

  • Crowdfunded $14k to purchase CO2 laser engraver for educational jigsaw puzzle company.
  • Researched, designed, and developed challenging puzzles for adults to promote discovery and self-guided learning.
  • Partnered with overseas factories to manufacture custom packaging and acquire value-add extras: dice, shells.
  • Established e-commerce business, marketed to wholesale and individual consumers, started custom service.
  • Sourced raw materials, negotiated bulk pricing, set manufacturing schedule to maximize material efficiency.
  • Mastered vector-based design for laser applications and CO2 laser cutting/etching of wood, paper, acrylic, wool.

Cornell University — Executive Education in Design Thinking

  • Coached executives in design thinking methodology for rapid creative prototyping; clients include AARP, Google.
  • Facilitated empathy-driven ideation workshops that prioritized user experience at every stage.
  • Recruited and briefed ground-level users to test workshop ideas in real time, give feedback to executive teams.
  • Developed multimedia, client-customized resources and assisted Lead Coach with business development efforts.

SYPartners — A Transformation Company

Strategy Intern
  • Joined diverse team of seven to frame key themes, write case studies, and build a custom environment for a leadership summit of top executives from a Fortune 25 finance firm.
  • Curated inspirational materials and creativity exercises at C-suite off-site for a top women’s fashion firm.
  • Collaborated with tech client to build innovative CRM tool, ensuring execution aligned with strategic objectives.
  • Used storytelling to present contemporary strategic trends to new client strategy group in search of vision.
  • Collaborated with designers and production artists to create print, digital, and 3D media for clients.

BR Consulting at Cornell — Student-Run Strategy Consulting Group

Director of Business Development
  • Independently recruited 11 paying clients, from bootstrapped start-ups to firms with several million in revenue.
  • Scoped projects that delivered strategic value to clients and provided an achievable challenge for first year MBAs.
  • Led two teams of four consultants to build client relationship, execute work plan, and present deliverables.
  • Refined model side-by-side with client to include risk preferences, internal capabilities, and creative flexibility.

semifold — Experiential Products for Curious People

  • Launched start-up to translate movement experiences into conceptually-innovative clothing and footwear.
  • Developed mission driven business model, focused on grassroots product exposure and diverse customer profiles.
  • Combined education and trial and error to manage sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, and sales functions.
  • Successfully sourced, funded, and imported 7000 units of diverse product from China, India, and Pakistan.

Cornell University — Johnson Graduate School of Management

Master of Business Administration – GPA 3.99
  • Johnson Leadership Fellow: Led two teams of 5 first-year MBAs, coached personal development, communication.
  • Forté Fellow: Scholarship for promising women exhibiting exemplary leadership.
  • Paid Seminar Instructor for Management Cases: a preparatory class for aspiring consultants.

University of Utah — David Eccles School of Business

Bachelor of Science – Entrepreneurship – GPA 3.96
  • Summa Cum Laude, Full Tuition Scholarship, Presidential Ambassador for Executive-level fundraising events.

Personal & Community

  • Struggling mightily to overcome twelve years of ballet training and become a respectable hip hop dancer.
  • Working on my rain tolerance for the day I can retire my umbrella and become a true Portlander.
  • Tutored practical English speaking, reading, and writing skills for Spanish-speaking job seeker through SEWorks.
  • Served as Board Member and Strategy Consultant for The Community Foundation of Tompkins County.